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Since I have time Im going to try this again. Diana, Leela, Neil, Chris, Kirk, Alex, and I went and saw motherfuckin' SNAKES on a motherfuckin' PLANE on friday. It was everything I hoped it would be. I made little paper airplanes and taped small green snakes inside of them. I tossed them all at the end of the movie. It was glorious.

Chris and I are trying to get a place together. Jesus, you've heard that one before. This time we have a set goal date though, so thats a nice start. Its not too far out and not too close. Its a happy medium. I am trying to save money so I can pay off my car faster. Not paying $300 bucks a month is going to be glorious. Escpecially since that means I can put liability on the car and no more expensive full coverage.  That money can go to somewhere else....like rent!  Hooray!

I tried to get some classes in order last minute, ended up with Psych 101 and History.  Sucks that because of money issues (I need 550 by Wednesday) I will not be able to attend those classes.  Oh well.  Im trying to get a part time job instead because I NEED MONEY.  I applied to the Geek Squad in Bestbuy so far.  I get to be picky with this job since its a second job.  I figured either way I will be waking up and doing something in the morning.  I need to be more focused on what I want to do.  Im going to be first in line come November for spring semester.

On to more upbeat things...I'm going to be making THIS!

My parents recently got a new computer, which means I finally got the first computer I ever built back!  (GNOME)  Its an old 500mhz celeron.  I always wanted a computer that just plays emulators and dvds / movies.  Yesterday I got a slim PS2 (old ps2 broke last night) and was rearranging my consoles when I remembered that I had two NESs.  My original NES still works, but one that I bought some time back doesnt work.  So I decided to take it apart.  When I gutted the whole thing out I remembered this.  I then jumped on the internet and found instructions on how to make exactly what I wanted with my broken nintendo.  I can't fucking wait to build it!

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