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update update lol

Its been awhile. I should post more but I've been busy with *insert MMO here*. Seriously, if I quit one MMO I just start on another. What can I say? I'm an addict. Anyway, I hope that when PSU comes out it will be the old gang back together! Real life friends are the BEST when playing games like that together.

I think I might be getting a transfer from the delaware office of comcast to the voorhees office of comcast. Would shorten my trip to work in half. I'm also schemin to move out. I just need a certain roommate (chris) to get a better job then acme. The parents have decided that I need to pay 300 bucks to live in that small ass room. For 200 dollars more a month Chris and I can get a huge two bedroom townhome. Fucking right. I really hope that all comes together. I'm saving money for it right now.

I miss teh hunny bunny. She said shes coming over saturday night but I'm also schemin to see her earlier then that. Hmmm.

Also, 10 hour work days suck. So do having tuesday and wednesdays off. Garrrrbage. I hope I can nab the job in voorhees. From 62 miles to get to work down to 30? Fuckin hell yea. Its also 1 exit away from PACHIS. So I can bother him if I wanted. :3

20 mins until I'm outta this bitch. Later
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