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Im back   
12:43am 18/06/2016
  4 years.

I have a son now. Sabin. It was Leelas idea. I was reading an old entry about Leela and I burst out laughing. I was so hoping she would like me. What was wrong with me. Sabin is 16 months old and our daughter / son is due in 1/25. Consider this an early no one is going to read this notification.

I hope my kids dont read this haha. Its so fucking bad. So old.

I love you Sabin and Luna / Flynn possibly!

Dad out!

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04:16am 21/08/2012
mood: nostalgic
I always come back to here when I'm feeling nostalgic. I don't know anyone that looks here anymore.

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve on this webpage. But that was back when my family and others didnt really care about the internet. That time seems so far away now. I should really go to bed. I gotta wake up at 930 to go to Dorney.

Who thought I would eventually grow up and be responsible. You'd never think it reading my old ass comments.

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04:40am 01/08/2011
mood: nostalgic
I'm an ooooold man. 29. I need to stop reading my old ass journal. 1998 and 2000 seem like forever ago.

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01:21pm 15/04/2010
mood: bored
I need to write a best man speech for Chris and Alex's wedding. Can you believe that shit? Chris is getting married and I already am. Thats some shit right there. Paul is engaged too! Wtf! I guess we are getting on in the years. >_> Being 28 isnt so bad. Leela just turned 25 yesterday. I just dont want to age anymore! :D She needs a job that is fulltime and isnt gamestop!

Diana is still in Oregan and that sucks, Pachi and Kirk are still not doing anything. My bachelor party was fun! Gettin crunk in AC! Work still sucks and I need to move out of this department. Leela has insurance again though! I use a lot of exclamation points! :O

We still dont have a place of our own and its very bothersome. I appreciate Leelas parents letting us stay with them, but we need some space. Oh well, we are going on our Honeymoon in like October it seems. Great time for Harry Potter at IOA! :D

Alright off I go.

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06:13pm 14/04/2010
  I am married to Leela now. Yippie Hooray!

Also, techs that lie suuuuck!

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Sup fresh?   
02:15pm 15/12/2009
mood: bored
Oh hey, I can post from work again. Weird. Maybe I'll post more since I can post from work again.....Nah.

Hopefully Leela and I will get the house by the 29th. That means we got 3 days to move out and clean the old apartment. Only lived in there for a year, seems like a lot longer. Work is crappy because there is not really anything to do but sit around and wait for calls. I've been waiting 15 minutes now. Saturday I waited for a straight hour.

The supervisors say that we will know where we are going "by the end of the year" now. It was the 11th, then got pushed back. Its retarded, just let us know. Sucks that we all gotta split up. I made some really good friends here. Oh well. That house is gonna be great. I'm really thankful for everything that Leela's parents have been doing for us. I wish I knew how to thank them. Well I guess I can take really good care of Leela. :3 I did get her a bunch of presents for Christmas. I wanted to get her the nook but couldn't really afford it right now. But I think I got her enough things that will offset that.

tl;dr - Work sucks and I'm extremely thankful for everything I have!


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Oh hai   
01:59am 22/09/2009
mood: content

I drank the koolaid and I'm on facebook.  Think of that of like a newer livejournal.  :D


So go....over there ----->

Oh hay, I should probably say that I'm engaged to Leela if anyone missed that.  >_>


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01:00am 07/08/2008
mood: sleepy
Hey this is me updating!

Chris, Alex, and I watched Requiem for a Dream.  I think I'll cry myself to sleep tonight.  D:  Seriously, its a great movie...just depressing as all hell.

I have twitter now and I never use that too!  Hooray!


So here is me signing off.  Gotta work in the morning.

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Working for the weekend?   
04:53pm 16/07/2007
mood: awake

So I'm here at work on my thursday, the end of my thursday at least.  Woo.  Dont really have plans for my 'weekend'   (wednesday and thursday) but we'll see whats up.  I finally got my own desk at work, no more seat sharing.  Its nice having your own place to have your own pictures and things.  I have my NES sprite guys on my little metal cabinet that I have.  Work is the same ol thing.  I take calls (maybe 2-4 a day depending on the day) and work tickets.  I've really been starting to get my ticket count up.  I still find myself easily distracted, and that sucks.  Lately though I find if I have music or something to listen to while doing work, I will do my work much much faster and not get distracted.  

I've been subsequently been listening to a lot of documentarys.  Mostly about various things, people, events.  I've listened to Michael Moore's Sicko (which was really good) and other documentarys about white supremacy, black (!) supremacy, the family that protests at funerals for soldiers dying in Iraq, Holocaust deniers, and much lighter things like ufo enthusiasts, and the making of Tetris.  Its been depressing at times, but really informative as well.  You watch these people being interviewed and they think they are absolutly 100% right about thier specific cause.  Its as if they have obtained this knowledge of the truth and any information to refute it is blasphemy.

Anyway, Leela and I went to Wildwood last wednesday.  We tried to see Harry Potter in imax, but they were sold out days in advance.  D:  But we went and did the rides and stayed at the beach a good 4 hours with my family, which was nice.  We left wildwood the same night because we had to share a tiny bed.  Haha.  I haven't played WoW in about a month or more.  Leela and I just got to a point in the game where it was apparent that we had to spend a significant amout of time to progress further.  It just wasnt as fun as it used to be.  Everything was old and we leveled multiple characters near the level cap.  As far as gaming goes, I have been playing my 360 and have been playing Gears of War with Kirkus.  We beat it on normal co-op, and look to beat it on hardcore soon.

We have a netflix account at the townhouse as well.  Its nice to rent really obscure and awesome movies.  Been renting and watching movies that I havent seen before.  Ones that I know I should have seen just for the pop culture references.  So far we watched The Shining, Scarface, Clockwork Orange, Transformers the movie (Animated!), and lots of others.  Harry Potter 5 was a great movie.  Lots of action at the end.  I wish I could of read book 6 again before book 7 comes out on friday.  Leela is gonna play hookey from work for the midnight opening!  :O

Oh yea, Leela and I have been making NES and SNES sprites with perler beads.  She made the most so far, I did my my first couple of ones the other night.  Here's a picture of the artwork.  :D  Later folks


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08:14pm 17/06/2007
mood: working
Yea, I'm back.  I figured after looking back at all my old posts and all the stuff I remembered from documenting it I'm going to start this shit back up.  I'll even try cross posting to myspace.  Maybe.  Anyway, just sitting here at my new job.  I've been at this job a month so far, it’s awesome.

Let me catch you all up to speed from my last post eons ago.
I live with Leela, Chris, and Alex in a townhouse in Fox Meadows.  It’s pretty good.  Kirk comes over every once in a while and stays for like a week before he gets kicked out.  haha.  Anywho, I no longer work in Delaware!  I work in Jersey!  My car thanks me as does my wallet.

I am now an ATS Coordinator.  What that means is I work tickets for no dial tone and call quality for the Comcast phone service.  I am also at the Voorhees call center.  It’s awesome.  I don’t hate coming into work anymore.  It’s like going from a high stress job to a low stress job.  Very nice.  I love only working 10 miles from my job instead of 50!

I think my car is dying, it’s having problems shifting.  I'm pretty sure it’s the transmission.  It’s weird though because today the check engine light wasn’t on and it was working fine.  Oh well.  My new shift is 10:30am to 7pm.  I like it.  It’s not too early in the morning and not too late.  No traffic coming into Voorhees either.

Besides work I have been playing WoW pretty hardcore.  Oh oh!  I got Xbox360 elite!  Its awesome, such amazing graphics on my HDTV.   Too bad I've probably played Pacman C.E. more than Gears of War hahaha.  Gamertag is OneUpGamer.

This summer I want to try to go to as many theme parks as possible.  Leela and I already have Six Flags season passes.  I want to go to Dorney Park, Six Flags America, and possibly Six Flags New England.  That’s like a 5 hour drive for New England though.  Yikes.  @_@ I can’t wait to go to Wildwood when me hermana has the beach house.  I gotta tell her the days we are planning on coming down there.

OH!  I have been listening to the album (Lovage) "Nathaniel Merriweather presents - Music to make love to your old lady by."  Haha it's phenomenal.  Just down tempo trip hop beats.  It’s really really good and I recommend it to anyone that likes hiphop, r&b and scratchin.  One of their songs is on myspace.  Check it out.

It feels good blogging again.  I think this time I'm going to seriously set an alarm or something to keep myself on the ball.  Adios.

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11:10pm 21/08/2006
mood: nerdy

Since I have time Im going to try this again. Diana, Leela, Neil, Chris, Kirk, Alex, and I went and saw motherfuckin' SNAKES on a motherfuckin' PLANE on friday. It was everything I hoped it would be. I made little paper airplanes and taped small green snakes inside of them. I tossed them all at the end of the movie. It was glorious.

Chris and I are trying to get a place together. Jesus, you've heard that one before. This time we have a set goal date though, so thats a nice start. Its not too far out and not too close. Its a happy medium. I am trying to save money so I can pay off my car faster. Not paying $300 bucks a month is going to be glorious. Escpecially since that means I can put liability on the car and no more expensive full coverage.  That money can go to somewhere else....like rent!  Hooray!

I tried to get some classes in order last minute, ended up with Psych 101 and History.  Sucks that because of money issues (I need 550 by Wednesday) I will not be able to attend those classes.  Oh well.  Im trying to get a part time job instead because I NEED MONEY.  I applied to the Geek Squad in Bestbuy so far.  I get to be picky with this job since its a second job.  I figured either way I will be waking up and doing something in the morning.  I need to be more focused on what I want to do.  Im going to be first in line come November for spring semester.

On to more upbeat things...I'm going to be making THIS!

My parents recently got a new computer, which means I finally got the first computer I ever built back!  (GNOME)  Its an old 500mhz celeron.  I always wanted a computer that just plays emulators and dvds / movies.  Yesterday I got a slim PS2 (old ps2 broke last night) and was rearranging my consoles when I remembered that I had two NESs.  My original NES still works, but one that I bought some time back doesnt work.  So I decided to take it apart.  When I gutted the whole thing out I remembered this.  I then jumped on the internet and found instructions on how to make exactly what I wanted with my broken nintendo.  I can't fucking wait to build it!


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11:09pm 21/08/2006
  I made a nice big awesome post, then livejournal took a shit. gg  

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Quick and dirty   
04:15am 19/06/2006
mood: sleepy
Just posting some pictures before bed!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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Infected Mushroom   
04:33pm 01/06/2006
mood: excited
01 Jul 2006 Usa Live Duvdev & Erez Philadelphia - Shampoo Nightclub

They are coming to Philly! Woo! Who else wants to go with me and Leela! Its on a saturday!!!


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01:36am 10/02/2006
mood: tired
Now it's time for even MORE PIX!!

The end!

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update update lol   
10:12pm 09/02/2006
mood: hopeful
Its been awhile. I should post more but I've been busy with *insert MMO here*. Seriously, if I quit one MMO I just start on another. What can I say? I'm an addict. Anyway, I hope that when PSU comes out it will be the old gang back together! Real life friends are the BEST when playing games like that together.

I think I might be getting a transfer from the delaware office of comcast to the voorhees office of comcast. Would shorten my trip to work in half. I'm also schemin to move out. I just need a certain roommate (chris) to get a better job then acme. The parents have decided that I need to pay 300 bucks to live in that small ass room. For 200 dollars more a month Chris and I can get a huge two bedroom townhome. Fucking right. I really hope that all comes together. I'm saving money for it right now.

I miss teh hunny bunny. She said shes coming over saturday night but I'm also schemin to see her earlier then that. Hmmm.

Also, 10 hour work days suck. So do having tuesday and wednesdays off. Garrrrbage. I hope I can nab the job in voorhees. From 62 miles to get to work down to 30? Fuckin hell yea. Its also 1 exit away from PACHIS. So I can bother him if I wanted. :3

20 mins until I'm outta this bitch. Later

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12:32am 06/10/2005
mood: working

I finally got more pictures off from my phone.

Welcome back Becky time to lick yo face!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Prom Becky!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aww, someone had too much to drink~
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You too Kirkus?!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

y helo thar Leela
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

THE END! Fuck yo h-scroll!

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05:31pm 26/09/2005
mood: working

Man, we tired and woke up at fuckin 4am to try to get there in time.  It didnt work.  I'm pretty sure people cut in front of us in line.  We did get to see Miyamoto though.  So it wasnt that bad.  I really wanted to meet him in person though.  I will be fuckin there for the revolution launch.  Make no mistake.

I'm going to try to start posting these entries on myspace and LJ.  Its just a copy and paste anyway.  Time to get back to work for now.  Mondays suck.


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Ho lee shit   
11:58pm 19/09/2005
mood: excited

Dude, Advent Children was the best fucking thing ever.  EVER!

So Leela and I went to Baltimore and went and saw Gabe and Tycho on Saturday.  It rocked, they signed my DS and gave me a free DVD because I was wearing one of thier shirts that they never saw in final form before.  Then me and Tycho talked about the Nintendo Revolution controller and an east coast PAX happening for about 30 mins.  It rocked hardcore.



Oh shit, I pulled some strings at work and I'm going to meet the father of fucking gaming on Sunday.  Fucking Shigeru Miyamoto in NYC at the nintendo world store.  I...I'm so fucking excited.  I dont know what to do with myself.  This sunday I'm going to meet him.......him.

This comic from earlier in this year will more then likely sum up whats going to happen.


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10:31pm 11/09/2005

Summer is over already?  Fuck.

So anywho, my parents met Leelas parents yesterday.  It was weird but it seems like everything went well.  My parents commented that they liked her parents and they had a good time which is good.  We went and saw the Transporter 2.  Never saw the Transporter 1.  It was alright.  I got some new clothes from H&M also.  Im gonna look supa snazzy now.  This entry sucks.  Nothing really cool happened this week.  Just boring work.  Snooooooooooooooore.

::EDIT:: Oh shit, Advent Children came out in japan.....come on english subtitles!

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